Why Füm Works: Flavour, Fidget, Fixation

Why Füm Works: Flavour, Fidget, Fixation

Conquering negative habits and developing positive habits is challenging. There are many components that contribute to the dependence we feel on existing negative habits. Füm directly addresses some of these components in a natural, non-addictive way. 

The Füm V2 was designed to approach three major components of habit formation that we feel are often overlooked- Flavour, Fidget, and Fixation. For many of us, negative habits develop out of a need not being met. We use negative habits as an avenue to cope with stressors, make us feel happy, or to help us focus. This rhythm is difficult to break. Füm is a tool to give you something positive to enjoy the flavor of, to fill the need to fidget, and replace the fixation of the hand to mouth habit. 


Füm Cores are specifically formulated with non-addictive, natural plant extracts for rich, interesting flavors. In many negative habits, there is a flavor component that can be missed in the transition to a new habit. By having great tasting, intriguing flavors, Füm is offering a natural alternative to the flavor component of habits.  


While many of us were taught as children to sit still, fidgeting is not a bad thing. It’s a way to de-stress and focus. For many, a major component of their negative habits is that they are filling this need to fidget with that habit. Instead of reaching for a negative habit, Füm is designed with many features for natural fidgeting, actively addressing this component of positive habit formation. Füm’s fidgeting features include a turning and sliding barrel, a magnetic closure, and a clicking airflow adjustment for perfect drag. Füm is a great way to bring a fidget-friendly tool with you everywhere you go, while creating positive habits.


Füm is an alternative for the hand to mouth fixation of negative habits. The rhythm of hand to mouth habits fits into many of life’s routines, and is therefore difficult to quit. It shows up when taking a break at work, working on a difficult project, or while hanging out with friends. Having a better alternative, like Füm, to fill the gap can be a very effective way of reinforcing the creation of a positive habit and the breaking of the negative habit. 

In your habit formation, you’ve likely experienced a gap in one of these areas before. You find yourself missing the flavor factor, the fidgeting aspect, or the hand to mouth fixation. This is totally normal, and we want to help be the solution to these components of creating a new habit and conquering your negative habit. At the same time, Füm is not magical. It requires commitment and determination from you to truly conquer those negative habits, we just hope that we can help you in that journey. 

The best place to start is with a V2 Journey Pack. It includes our 3 most popular Cores for habit formation; Maple Pepper Cores, Crisp Mint Cores, and White Cranberry Cores; along with the Füm V2. 

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