About The Core -  White Cranberry Cores

About The Core - White Cranberry Cores

White Cranberry Cores are a unique combination of rich, fruity flavors, slight pine notes and sweet cinnamon. The flavor is reminiscent of cozy, holiday flavors to bring cheer year-round. 

Flavor Complex: Tangy fruit with hints of pine and cinnamon

Let’s dive deeper into what makes up the flavors in White Cranberry Cores. The tangy, fruity notes in this Core come from the Grapefruit, Orange, Davana and Juniper Berry plant extracts. The sweet and spicy notes are brought in through the Cinnamon and Cassia. And lastly, the earthy, woodsy flavors are from the Black Pepper and Black Spruce

These Cores are made to replicate the classic flavor of our V1 White Cranberry Cores. 

Many of the plants used in these Cores are classic favorites for use in habit formation, like Black Pepper and Grapefruit. White Cranberry Cores are a great flavor to accompany your journey towards positive habits. 

The unique flavor of White Cranberry Cores can be a bit of an acquired taste, developed over using it throughout a day. We have heard from many people that the first draw was not their favorite, but as they continued using it in their Füm, the complexity and sweet,tangy notes of the Core became more and more apparent. 

White Cranberry Cores are an earthy, woodsy twist on classic tangy, fruity flavors.

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