About The Core -  Maple Pepper Cores (formerly known as Conquer)

About The Core - Maple Pepper Cores (formerly known as Conquer)

Maple Pepper Cores (formally known as Conquer) were made to be a complex combination of earthy notes that are bold and strong. Backed by a slight cooling, menthol sensation, Maple Pepper Cores are a crowd favorite in habit formation. 


Flavor Complex: earthy and strong, with hints of sweetness and spice. 


Let’s break that down a little more. You get the strong, deep, earthy flavors from plant extracts like Black Pepper and Clove. The cooling, menthol sensation is added through Eucalyptus Globulus and Peppermint. Sweetness and spice comes through with the addition of Cinnamon, Ylang Ylang, and Cassia. Then to round out the flavors, there’s a tiny bit of Lime to link it all together. 

Developed to replicate the favor and sensation of V1 Conquer Cores, V2 Maple Pepper Cores pull their richness from some of our favorite plant extracts for habit formation. 

Creating new habits and conquering negative habits can be difficult. Füm is a tool to aid in your journey to new habits by addressing some of the components that are missed the most from negative habits: flavor, fixation, and fidget. The flavor component we’ve already touched on above. Fixation is the action of the hand-to-mouth rhythm that is present in the negative habit, but Füm can be an effective alternative. Fidget is the action of having something to do, it fills a void, aiding in focus and calm. Füm V2 was developed with many fidgeting factors in mind- the magnet closure, clicking airflow valve, and the turning and sliding barrel. 

Maple Pepper Cores are specifically designed to be an accessible, likable flavor for all, with a blend of what people love most in Füm Cores. 


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