About the Core: Raspberry Lemon Cores

About the Core: Raspberry Lemon Cores

Raspberry Lemon is our twist on pink lemonade. A big splash of lemon with hints of berries in the background. This core's flavor develops in your mouth as you use it, becoming more lemony with each draw. This flavor is a favorite with the Füm Crew for good reason: its fresh, zesty flavor is bright and delicious! 

Flavor Complex: Bold lemonade with a light hint of berries 


Shall we take a closer look? As expected, one of the main plant extracts in this core is Lemon. To fill out that zesty lemon flavor, we also added Lemongrass. The berry elements come from Davana and Ylang Ylang. The sweetness of this core comes from our addition of Cassia Cinnamon. And finally the slight minty note is from Spearmint and Peppermint.


For the connoisseurs...


When formulating cores flavors, we look to build flavors that have three notes. The first note you taste at the front of your mouth is the high note. The next flavor you taste is typically the base note, which you taste more in the exhale. The mid note is rarely very noticeable, but it fills that middle ground between the high and base notes, acting as a bridging flavor.


In Raspberry Lemon cores, the high note is lemon, the middle note is fruity berries, and the base note is sweet, dusky cinnamon.  


Like pouring a tall glass of pink lemonade, Raspberry Lemon Cores are a zesty, berry-licious addition. 


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